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Technical Services Agreement Emergency Care from the first moment we reported a situation of this type, a process that includes call begins. Acudax has a direct line, called "Hotline 24x7" enabled the attention of these calls: In less than 30 minutes, a service engineer Acudax, communicates with plant is carried out a preliminary assessment of the situation You try if possible, through telephone prompts, to resolve the situation that led to the emergence Field Service is not possible to resolve the situation by telephone, attendance plan will be coordinated: Based times Answer agreed, a member of the team of Acudax, will perform on-site. The aim is to implement the appropriate actions to restore, in the shortest amount of time possible, the operation of the equipment involved immediate emergency assistance to ensure the availability and reliability of each of the assets, requires a level of excellence in service followed by a rapid and effective response.

Technical Services Agreement, is the proposal that Acudax has developed, with two main objectives: Ensure attention and response to emergencies, 24 hours, 7 days a week and implement a prevention program that minimizes the probability extreme instances make necessary corrective intervention. These proposals are intended to meet industrial and residential facilities that have products and systems Alarms. Preferential treatment to support an emergency, we offer fast, the steps associated with the provision of Parts. Acudax provides a comprehensive manner, the complete management of the supply chain of parts, started from the addressing requirements, followed by the logistical process, to delivery on the ground, being able to provide: Identification of parts express delivery service, Determination substitutes, Existence in inventories and delivery times, Counseling critical parts, according to the installed base, Repair Center We have local repair centers prepared to receive product lines, such as stations, cameras, sensors, electric fences, etc ...; whose purpose is to: Undertake preventive and corrective actions designed to develop diagnostic and repair maintenance.



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Alarm and Monitoring

Fire Detection


Proyectos y construcción de Sistemas de detección, Alarma y actuación contra incendios, basados en la norma NFPA, utilizando tecnologías convencionales o analógicas direccionales. Sistemas de detección con control centralizado, entrelazado con sistemas de control de acceso, cctv o sistemas de climatización en edificios u otras instalaciones.

Technical Service and Maintenance

The technical service of the Agency Acudax is composed of professionals dedicated to providing full support to its customers in the repair, maintenance of products or services purchased, plus the guarantee of our services. We have an infrastructure and first class equipment to cover the needs and requirements of our customers Techniques

In this way , we ensure a Comprehensive service with highly qualified staff, based on our organization , experience and background .


For alarm companies have vehicles and security personnel in Santiago and regions, providing timely support to homes and businesses, evaluating and acting against imminent risks for their clients.

We also have patrols to individuals or companies with or without alarm system. This service gives you peace of mind when you are on vacation or business out of town. Through our rounds and you can schedule home inspections as a deterrent system, giving to you a report of developments during inspections.

How Does It Work?




Our Central Monitoring and Digital Surveillance Connection Police Units and own the Acudax Agency Patrol is to monitor, receive and control of all signals through the existing phone line either wireline and/or wireless, from the Property our Central Monitoring and Police Units .

The Monitoring Service will allow the respective signals recepcionar connection, disconnection, THEFT, ASSAULT FIRE, ELECTRIC POWER CUT, CUT OR INTERRUPTION OF TELEPHONE LINE, LOW BATTERY, 24 HRS TEST, etc.

Immediately to our central monitoring form, which for 24 Hrs. Day has " Specialist staff " to establish internal communication with the respective Police Unit and perform the procedure stipulated at the time of system installation.



We deliver solutions Closed Circuit Television (CCTV ) of latest technology, representing the most prestigious international brands with the most varied models in today's security market. Based on the security requirements of our customers, we provide a comprehensive line of equipment and accessories for cameras, lenses, monitors, processors, sequencers, Quad, Standalone Digital Video Recorders, Multiplexers, DVRs, Digital Controllers and recording systems, delivering care and technical advice from our professionals.



Virtual Guard service is an innovative service for homes and businesses, whose main purpose is to detect and prevent illegal and notoriously suspicious facts. Acudax is an exclusive service customer limited quota that allows us to maintain a high rate of effectiveness.

It is a virtual private guard for your home, day, evening or 24 hours a day. The Acudax service is based on monitoring of security cameras in real time by our operators, highly trained to implement effective methods of deterrence using the loudspeaker installed in your home to chase the criminals. The service has proved very effective in preventing criminal acts within the protected area contracted cameras.

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