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What is an Escort?


He is a professional who should get to know the life of his protege and discard or activities or threats that may affect, through the creation of strategies and security plans. It is for this reason that the main feature of an escort or bodyguard is planning capacity .

  • Responsibility: a security agent knows that another person's life is in your hands, so it is important that he has the moral obligation to do their job .
  • Loyalty : This is one of the most important values ​​that should have a bodyguard, because through fidelity the complete safety of a person is guaranteed .
  • Patience: security agents usually cover long working hours ranging from 12 hrs. up to 24 hrs . continuous . During this time the agent should have the ability to stay alert.
  • Fitness : It is important that the bodyguards have a constant physical training to enable them to react efficiently to any danger. They must know both techniques melee, as the use of firearms.
  • Perception: a security officer must capture every detail about his client, so it is important that you keep your vision and hearing focused.
  • Teamwork : in most cases, security officers or guards work together, in which each actor plays a different activity that complements the work of others. It is important that between team members constant communication is established.
  • Diplomacy: when any aggression or problems between the protected and another individual happens, the security officer must intervene calmly to try to solve the problem without the use of force. It is essential that the bodyguards have a way with words .

Escorts for Banks

For some years the assailants have often steal money intended for people who withdraw their money in bank branches.

It is for this situation Acudax creates this unit to persons or companies withdrawing large amounts of money either to pay salaries to their employees or for reasons deemed appropriate .

The principal client of this service are builders or contractors real estate among others.

Another way for delivery this service is a special mandate to our company Acudax to collect and withdraw money from the bank, then deliver it in the place indicated by the customer.


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